YOUR CONSULTANT IS Jackie & Jeff Jones

My Story

After having our first child in April 2009 I found myself a stay at home mom and longing for social interaction and something I could call my own.  I was suffering from post-pardom depression and being military we had no family nearby to reach out to.  I signed up for Scentsy that October on a whim because I loved candles and could instantly see how this product could be useful in a home with children.  I needed a distraction from how I was feeling and someone to talk to besides the baby.  I knew nothing about direct sales and never considered myself a “sales person” but I figured if nothing else I could be my best customer.  Since I’ve started this business I have never done anything but remain consistent and share my passion for a product I love.  This earned me all expenses paid trips for my husband and myself to the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, and Mexico several times.  I even placed at the top 100 in the company and earned a trip to Greece!  Taking these trips and growing my team have not only some of the best memories my husband and I have but we made some of our very best friends.  These friends quickly became the family and support system that I needed.  We now have friends we consider family throughout the world!  The most important luxury my business offers me is the ability to be available to my family and be a stay at home mom.  I never have to ask my boss for a day off when one of my kids get sick or if I am asked to volunteer in my daughter’s classroom.  Being able to make my family my #1 priority has been priceless.  My amazing team offers me the luxury to do this and without them I wouldn’t be where I am today.  I would love to welcome you to our little family we also call a team! If you decide to join us on this journey I will be there every step of the way for you to help your business succeed.  Whether you just want to earn a little extra spending money or make Scentsy your full time job!  When will your Scentsy story begin?    Sincerely, Jackie & Jeff Jones Independent Scentsy Director 916-370-4275 <!--endbody-->